Marino Sounds is the project studio for music soundtracks created by Manuel Marino to help Independent Producers in Multimedia, Movies, Videogames Industries. We create the Music Soundtrack for your Projects!

Marino's Inspiring Career
Marino music on Juno
Interview: Manuel Marino
Wizzit Magazine Interview

We have worked on these Projects and many other ones:

Crayola Colorful Journey
Universal Combat
UFO: Alien Invasion
Elven Legends
Nuclear Nightmare
Pirate Poppers
Dangerous Patrol
Ancient Empires Lux
American History Lux

Manuel Marino unveils professional tips that alone are worth a thousand times the cost of this 17 page document.

This is not a book for experts; it's a book designed for anyone who wants to apply the expertise Manuel Marino has gained in his years as a professional composer and producer.

Planetary Travel, X-tivity Factor Hard and Powerful, X-tivity Factor Restarted, Vanethian Cybermusic, Vanethian Te Quiero Ultimate - EP, Manuel Marino Space Music, Manuel Marino Digital Wonders 2013, Vol. 1, Manuel Marino Digital Wonders 2013, Vol. 2, Manuel Marino Music from the Stars, Manuel Marino Through the Clouds, Manuel Marino Science Fiction Story, Manuel Marino From Past to Future, Manuel Marino


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